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BUCKINGHAM ENGLISH CENTER, is an Education Center, dedicated to train professionals, executives, students from 7 years old and people in general in the English Language area and also it’s a preparations center and an autorized exam center for international  certifications (IELTS –  Cambridge.)

BUCKINGHAM ENGLISH CENTER, after an arduous investigation, was able to give shape to an educational program called «Learn as you go,» which involves the help of the DIRECT METHOD / REASONING, which guarantees that in a record time you can master it, without pressure , totally practical and experiential.


Our mission is to provide society with the necessary tools to improve and internationally certify the linguistic competence of the English language. Recognized that this is necessary means for the professional and cultural development of the world, allowing us to strengthen ties of cooperation and communication between English speakers and Spanish speakers.


To be recognized nationally as an authorized center for international certification of excellence which provides practical knowledge in the teaching learning process of the English language in Ecuador.

Our main role

Our function is to select people who really have the interest and the need to learn the English Language, to grant them the benefits that BUCKCENTER has prepared for them:

  • Academic part: In a record time the students master  the English language.
  • In costs: A special subsidy. (By academic accreditation and special plans.)

Pedagogical techniques

We use a mother technique called

  • Human Perceptive Vision
  • Personalized instruction
  • Active and experiential mnemonics
  • Multisensory Instruction
  • Repetition spaced

These learning techniques are supported at the same time by methods of guarantee that will make our students have the peace of mind and
the security of a high quality teaching.


  • Instituto Tecnológico Bolivariano, Guayaquil (ITB)
  • Colegio Rosario Sánchez Bruno
  • Universidad Estatal de Milagro (UNEMI)
  • Instituto Superior Tecnológico EuroAmericano
  • AITEC – Tecnológico Almirante Illingworth
  • Agearth
  • Jean Piaget High School
  • English Up
  • Join in English
  • Academia de Arte Culinarias del Pacífico


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